El Espartano

European Energy


El Espartano designed and produced an original series of modular carpets for the Buenos Aires offices of a leading energy company

A renowned European company that specializes in energy management selected El Espartano’s Infinity modular carpets for its offices. With the ability to combine textures, colors and designs, Infinity is our most versatile line of modular carpets, and thus the ideal choice for this project.

Woven from nylon threads and custom dyed in the tones selected by the client, the carpets consist of multi-level looped pile and were produced with our new Infinity IX loom. The advanced technology of the loom allows high definition designs to be produced thanks to the incredible precision it achieves when overlaying each thread. El Espartano is the only company in Argentina capable of producing these premium modular tiles. We are also able to provide digital models and full-scale samples before starting the production process.

Carpets serve many functions, including defining the different floorspaces and imbuing each with a distinctive visual style. For this project, we produced a linear weave in a gradient that goes from lime green to grey and which was then cut into six tiles of different designs. This meant that diverse visual patterns could be created depending on the order in which the tiles were placed. For instance, the tiles could be laid in their original sequence, or the sequence could be altered to create a new pattern in different sections of the floor.

The Infinity is one of our most practical lines of carpets because of its modular format and the ease with which it can be installed. In addition, it is an exceptionally high-quality and highly resistant product thanks to the imported and internationally recognized yarns used in its production. Our Infinity carpets are VOC Indoor Air Quality / Advantage™ Gold Certified, which contributes points towards the LEED credit system.