El Espartano

El Espartano presents “Gordian Knot” with Leandro Erlich


Leandro Erlich, a world-renowned artist from Argentina, has called on El Espartano to collaborate in creating “Gordian Knot”, his latest piece which will be presented at Liminal at the MALBA museum, the first monographic exhibition of his personal body of work.

This new creation emerges from Sous le Ciel, the 2018 show of Erlich’s work, which took place at the emblematic Le Bon Marché of Paris. Inspired by the iconic department store’s architecture, Erlich took the famous stairs designed by Andrée Putman as a starting point and created a grid-like facade of black and white, adding additional structures in order to create an optical illusion that simulated a gigantic knot, as if it were all tied together.


Gordian Knot is an expression that originates from Ancient Greece and refers to solving an intractable problem through lateral thinking or by finding a creative solution.


Sous le Ciel (2018), a show by Erlich at the emblematic store of Le Bon Marché in Paris.

One year after that show in Paris, Erlich wanted to capture this great knot in a new medium. For this work, he engaged El Espartano, which accepted the challenge of transmitting through yarn the effects of optical illusion and three-dimensionality that were characteristic of the original work. El Espartano’s team of textile designers and technical experts worked out with exacting precision a careful matrix, in order to bring this important project to life.

Each carpet is a limited edition piece made with the traditional technique of hand-tufting, using 100% virgin wool. The design combines the textures of short pile, cut pile, and loop pile at different heights, in order to create the three-dimensionality of the original work. Four specific shades were chosen out of a chart of 46 colors, which were then used in a way to create the sensation of depth, light, and shadow.


Made with 100% virgin wool, these hand-tufted carpets are limited edition pieces, each signed by the artist.

Conceived as a true work of art, “Gordian Knot” is available exclusively at the Tienda del MALBA, as of July 5th. Each piece will be signed by the artist, certifying its authenticity.


Erlich’s continuing desire to transform elements in an unexpected way in turn engages the viewer with new realities through optical illusion and the third dimension. With “Gordian Knot”, Erlich experiments with a new medium, in which the characteristic elements of his works, with their hints, references, and strategies are achieved and combined to create an iconic piece.