El Espartano

Leandro Erlich and El Espartano in Korea


With the collaboration of El Espartano, Argentine artist Leandro Erlich opened the exhibition “Port of Reflections” at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul Korea.

Contemporary artist Leandro Erlich (Argentina, 1973) was invited to form part of “Hanjin Shipping The Box Project 2014,′′ an initiative that seeks to support major artists on the international art scene. For the occasion, Erlich created “Port of Reflections,” a striking site-specific work that recreates a floating port in which visitors can see the reflection of boats hanging in the air.

El Espartano contributed to the project by providing the Tufting 10 carpet that covers the side and back portions of the installation which afford another view of the work. The rug—a compact plush moquette—is 80% virgin wool and 20% nylon; it was chosen for its softness, its acoustic effect, and its ability to withstand intense circulation.

“Port of Reflections” is Erlich’s largest and, perhaps, most ambitious site-specific work to date. In it, the artist undermines everyday space and turns it into a fantastic world of surprises and paradoxes. The juxtaposition of reality and illusion, the real and the unreal, and representation and ambiguity, give shape to a unique vocabulary for the contemplation of the world.