El Espartano

Benefits of Carpet

Warmth and comfort
From the total heating needed to warm a room; 10% to 20% of heat is lost through the floors. Because of carpet natural insulation composition this loss of heat could be prevented.
In cold climates or cold seasons carpets help to keep the room air warmer for longer periods of time, this would mean that an average of 11.3% heating power can be saved. And there is no doubt that a floor covered by a carpet is a friendly environment to sit, play or work on.

Style and beauty
An unlimited range of styles, colors, designs and textures allow you to make your environment unique whether you choose neutral colours or bright and glossy ones.

Long lasting
If the carpets have been properly installed, following El Espartano guide lines, carpets are manufactured to keep their beauty and appearance for many years.

Carpets muffle footsteps and children as well as elders are less prone to hurt themselves from falls and skidding.

Noise reduction
Carpets are an important item when you are looking to muffle annoying noises as well as sounds coming from loud television sets, computers or music equipment. Footsteps are cushioned and muffled when a carpet is installed on stairs. When you have in mind developing a relaxed and comfortable environment these are important features to take into account.