El Espartano


All cut pile velvet surface carpets are subject to del well known “shading” or “watermarking” resulting from light reflection on different pile orientation which does not harm either the quality or the life of the material, and which is an inherent part of the “Velvet look”


El Espartano, in conjunction with Galpón Estudio, has reinterpreted carpets in four distinct creative projects.

PALABRAS (WORDS): This product challenges the traditional notion of doormats by means of inlayed phrases. A number of models featuring combinations of the words Hola/Chau, Adianchi and Bomdia are available.

For this project, Galpón Estudio worked with El Espartano’s Laboratorio de Diseño y Sustentabilidad to investigate materials. The team delved into the production and manufacturing processes and the various components used to make the final product. For over six months, a number of different options were explored, ultimately leading to the creation of different original products that reformulate the ideas of carpet and fabric.


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  • Texture: Pelo Cortado
  • Yarn: 80% lana 20% Nylon
  • Pile height: 8 mm
  • Total height: 10 mm
  • Weight plush: 1.200 grs/ m2
  • Number of knots: 125.00 0 / m2
  • Primary and Secondary backing: Tejido de Polipropileno
  • Use: Residencial

Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch.


Use: Residencial Residencial
Product Carpetas
80% Lana 20% Nylon